meet the artist

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Hi, there!

I'm Mary, the girl behind the camera (and in front of the computer) at M. Horton Photography! I'm a strong coffee lover, good book addict, reality TV watching (hello bachelor & bachelorette) kind of girl! On a typical day you can find me curled up on my couch next to our two adorable rescue pups (Nova & Henry), a cup of coffee in hand - enjoying time with my amazing hubby! 

A little background info...
I was born & raised in the beautiful Greenville, SC. I absolutely love this city and feel lucky to have spent the majority of my life here! I graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in Psychology (and my first rescue puppy, Nova). In the summer of 2011 I met my now husband (at a bar, who would have thought!) and somehow tricked him into marrying me a few years later. Shortly after, we added Henry to our fam- our second rescue pup! Now, we’re happy to announce that we are adding one more to our pack, a sweet baby boy (yes - I’m VERY out numbered at this point) due this summer! Needless to say…I'm one lucky girl!  

My style...
The best way to describe my style is soft, romantic and always focused on the details. I love finding the perfect angle or the best lighting that shows a different and new perspective. I live to capture the connections between people, showing the beauty of pure and raw emotions. There is something stunningly beautiful and vulnerable in those little moments. I also LOVE exploring nature, seeking out the most perfect petals on a flower or a powerful stream of water flowing boldly through the woods. My overall style and vision is to keep everything as soft, romantic and timeless as possible - all while having my finger on the pulse of current trends. My images are bursting with rich color and saturated in natural sunlight, highlighting crisp details & soft angles.

Now that you know about me...
Let's talk about you! Shoot me an email & let’s grab a cup of coffee! I would love to learn about you & your family or your next project that I can help capture.

I can’t wait to hear from you!